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Positive & Negative Space

I was immediately drawn to this image of a shell as we are reflecting on positive and negative space. The light source is hitting this object making the highlights stand out even more, against such a simple dark background. The positive space, the shell is a revolving curvature item that leads your eye around the subject. This works great in addition to the background because the edges that meet the foreground have that same shape that still lead your eye, perhaps even adding to the tension that it forces. This image can be found in Still Life Photography, and was taken by Edward Weston.

Design Principles: Depth

While reading a small book that I had found during open lab, I located this picture of flatirons for a shoe manufacturing company. When I first was glancing at this photo I didn't give much thought about what an excellent example of depth this is. This photo, although such a simple concept, shows more than what we can just see, and in such an eloquent way that I had almost over looked it. I can not only see the closest flatiron, but I can also see rows and rows of them lined up so neatly. It's interesting because when photographing depth, you can see begin to see images further back in the composition becoming smaller and smaller but this photo is so well done that it never looses focus, even five rows behind because a greater depth of field was used. The artist here chose to photograph all of these objects and gave them just as much importance as the one next to it. This shows that other aspects are just as important and forces you to look at the environment as a whole compa…

Design Principles: Rhythm

I located this photo in my favorite magazine, the Photographer's FORUM, and I immediately located many examples of rhythm. My eyes were first drawn to the numerous vertical, horizontal, and even diagonal lines showing movement. The lines at the head of the roof even guide your eyes either straight up the non-illuminated building behind the subject or to the light post to the immediate right hand side. This photo to me is an excellent example of rhythm once again because of all of the movement in the architectural lines formed from the home and light. Photo taken by: Latent Landscapes.